Taylor-made programs and wellness advisors for luxury resorts.

We design exclusive 360 ​wellness programs for luxury resorts with unique sessions and activities that complement each other to take the customer experience to the next level.

Through the wellness program design we provide holistic advice that covers all the fundamental aspects and details so that the client’s wellbeing experience is unique and unforgettable.

The program curated by SUDA® includes the complete design of all the activities, the training of the hotel’s team of trainers, the implementation until its premiere and an annual control of the program.

We create sessions and experiences in visually attractive settings designed to provide quality content to the marketing of the resort.

All the sessions and activities are designed with the aim of offering an innovative mind and body training program that invites clients to live an experience on their vacations.

We think about the different needs of clients to create activities that adapt to all types of users.


An exclusive marketing concept of immersive experiences.

The holistic wellness proposals are a luxury wellness calendar of experiences that generate a great positive impact on customers, influencers and the press.

With a «retreat included» concept, taking care of every detail of the client’s experience with a format that innovates in wellness, we offer guests a 360º wellness experience. Five days of activities inside and outside the hotel, Giving to the customer experience an added value linked to relaxation, health and personal transformation.

Due to their design and aesthetics, the experiences stand out for their great visual appeal, offering the context to generate high-quality content and captivating both customers, influencers and the media.

The holistic weeks includes a presentation and a team-building session for the staff of the resort as an important part of the concept.

In addition to the design, production and implementation of the sessions, during the holistic weeks we generate photographic and audiovisual content of all the experiences.

Wellbeing marketing advisors

We design immersive spaces with interactive designs that invite the client to create organic content.

Photography and audiovisual content of the experiences creating a high quality image for diffusion and promotion.

The objective of the productions is to complement the advertising and marketing of the brand sharing wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle.

We share the audiovisual material in various formats and sizes for social networks and digital media.


Staff training to guide SUDA calendar of sessions in resorts.

The SUDA team creates training courses for new talents or for the current staff of the resort.

The training course is guided by professionals with knowledge in Yoga, Fitness, pilates, meditation, and organic movement.

The objective of the training course is to broaden the knowledge of the team, improve their skills and performance, and professionalize the activities.

We work during the training together with the wellness manager to coordinate the schedule of the weekly sessions and activities.

We also work as advisors on the gear, mats, props, decoration, location, music and lightning for all the experiences, paying attention to every detail.

Trained by the SUDA team to complete the resort activities, sessions and classes with an innovative training format, transforming a yoga or training class into a unique immersive experience.


Experiencing innovative wellness activities and mind-body workouts are excellent ways to develop a healthy lifestyle. Linking pleasure and vacations with healthy habits.